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10th Portsmouth Advanced Endoscopy Symposium 2017

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are delighted to invite you to our tenth annual Portsmouth Advanced Endoscopy Symposium 2017. This course brings to you updates on the very latest advances of gastrointestinal endoscopy techniques and technology with live cases & real time videos.

This year, there will be live endoscopy transmitted real time from international centres.

The course will benefit individuals involved in endoscopy including GI physicians, surgeons, trainees, nurses and GPs with special interest in endoscopy. The topics are presented by a distinguished faculty of national and international leaders in the world of endoscopy.

We will return to the dynamic venue that is action stations, which has a combination of a spacious auditorium, an excellent workshop room and a large break out area.

Course Faculty
Course Director

Professor Pradeep Bhandari, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

International Faculty

Dr Amit Maydeo (India)

Prof Ponchon (France)

Prof Alessandro Repici (Italy) Prof P Zhou (China)

Dr Cesare Hassan (Italy)

Prof. Prasad Iyer (USA)

Dr R Chuttani (USA)

Prof M Almadi (Saudi Arabia)

Dr Marietta Iacucci (Canada)

Dr Michael Kaminski (Poland)

National Faculty

Mr Amyn Haji

Dr Fergus Thursby-Pelham

Dr Bu Hayee

Dr R McCrudden

Dr Rehan Haidry

Dr Ramesh Jayapal

Dr John Morris

Dr P Basford

Dr John Anderson

Prof K Ragunath

Mr S Sommers

Dr G Longcroft-Wheaton

Mrs J Douglas

Symposium Dinner

A symposia dinner will be held on: Thursday 12th January at the prestigious and historic HMS Ward Room

Day 1: Thursday 12th of January 2017
Session One: Upper GI Neoplasia Detection & Management

Setting standards to improve upper GI neoplasia detection: The way we do and report gastroscopy is set to change!

   Prof K Ragunath (UK)

Live cases: Using technologies: NBI, Blue Laser Imaging & iScan OE

Resect, burn or freeze: An update on the management of Barrett’s neoplasia

   Prof. Prasad Iyer (USA)

Live cases: - Resect: EMR - Burn: APC & RFA - Freeze: Cryo ablation

Top tips on the detection and management of oesophageal squamous neoplasia

   Prof Zhou (China)

Live cases: - Lugol’s iodine / optical enhancement in detecting squamous neoplasia - Resect / Ablate

Session Two: Endoscopic Techniques for Benign UGI Pathology: How I Do It

Difficult oesophageal strictures made easy: All you need to know!

   Prof Repici (Italy)

Live cases: - Dilatation of a benign oesophageal stricture - Ablation of GAVE

Stemming the flow: Acute upper GI bleed: When to intervene?

   Dr John Morris (Scotland)

Live Endoscopy

Session Three: Advances in Endoscopic techniques in the Upper GI Tract

Endoscopic resection of upper GI neoplasia: When to choose ESD over EMR?

   Prof Ponchon (France)

Live cases EMR & ESD, Purastat

Advances in Submucosal Endoscopy: POEMS to G-POEMS & beyond?

   P Zhou (China)

Live link to Orlando (Advanced EUS procedures)

Live cases - POEMS

Session Four: Bariatrics

Horses for courses: Surgical vs endoscopic bariatric options

   Mr S Sommers (UK)

Live cases - Novel technology

The growing world of bariatric endoscopy: Update on endoscopic options

   Dr R Chutanni (USA)

Upper GI MDT (Audience to bring cases)

Break-out sessions: Day One

EUS: advances in tissue acquisition

   Dr Ramesh / Dr McCrudden

The Advanced Endoscopy Suite: Dyes, Technology, Team, Knives.

   Dr Thursby-Pelham / Sister Douglas

Day 2: Friday 13th of January 2017
Session One:ERCP mini symposium

Advances in Cholangioscopy: Diagnosis to therapy! Where are we heading? Dr A Maydeo (India)

Live case

Session Two:Polyp detection, characterisation & Management

Improving my ADR: Tips and tricks - Optimising Bowel prep & techniques Dr C Hassan (Italy) - Novel devices &               technology Endocuff, Endorings, FUSE, G-EYE Prof A Repici (Italy)

Live endoscopy - Endorings / Endocuff / Water jet system

Assessment of colonic polyps: To attack or abort?

   Dr J Anderson

Live case Polyp assessment: NBI, BLI, OE scan

Resection of polyps: Cold vs Hot snare – Dr S Dolwani Snare vs Knives – Mr A Haji

Live case EMR / ESD: Full thickness excision

Future of Colorectal screening: Stool or Colonoscopy? Dr M Kaminski (Poland)

Capsule colonoscopy and CT-VC: Time to set the endoscope aside? Doctor C Hassan (Italy)

Session Three: Complications of endoscopy & brief updates on endoscopy                         technological advances

Colonic strictures: Stretch or stent? Prof A Repici (Italy)

Live case - Novel devices (EndoRotor, Purastat)

Managing Polypectomy Complications: Top tips - To be confirmed

Dyeing out: Can endoscope technology replace conventional chromoendoscopy in colitis surveillance? Dr Marietta Iacucci

Live case: Chromoendoscopy in colitis surveillance

Session Four: Decision making – The Polyp MDT

Lower GI MDT (Audience encouraged to get cases for discussion): Endoscopic resection vs Surgery

   Dr S Dolwani

Panel discussion and final update on live Endoscopy

Early Morning Break-out Session

ERCP tips and tricks from the Experts: Techniques, Cannulation, Precut, Sphincterotomy

   Dr Ramesh / Dr McCrudden

Safe and effective polypectomy: Diathermy settings, injections and snares

   Dr P Basford / Dr Fergus Thursby-Pelham

Please download a copy of our symposium flyer to register your place at the Portsmouth advanced Endoscopy Symposium 2017

New in 2017: Endoscopy cases streamed live from international centers!
Course fees
Consultants/Associate specialists
One Day
Both Days
Course Dinner

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